Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Since the time I got to know you until know this is all I have felt..
I'll miss you when you are gone..


I wanted to be in your heart
But I didn't make it there
For the overdose of reality came
And It was way too much to bare

I wanted so many more things
But not every wish can come true
Fate stepped in and took it’s course
There’s simply no me and you

I wanted to brag and hold you with pride
But there’s fantasy on a fine line
Impossible wishes cannot be granted
So I guess you’ll never be mine

I wanted to tell you all I’ve felt
But your reassuring words would be fiction
We weren’t made to be together
Even though you’re my single addiction

I wanted to be your everything
But I’m not your dream come true
The thing that stings and forever will
Is I once was beautiful to you

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