Saturday, December 15, 2007

What I want for Christmas!

What I want for Christmas and what I will get are two very different things. What I want is something that sparkles and you wear on your left hand on your ring finger. But I know that this wont be what I am getting. I know this because I have already been told that "he" will not ask me on a holiday, and you can't really ask for something like that for a gift its not right. But I must say I would be very excited if thats what I got for Christmas! "HINT HINT HINT"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

After a long day at work Matt and I went off to buy our Christmas Tree. Its just the right size and shape (I think it just a little bigger then it was last year).  As I sit here and type I can see Matt getting mad about how the tinsel wont stop getting all knotted up while he tries to put it on our tree. The one thing I like about Christmas is the Christmas star I have for the top of my tree. The star we have is very special to me it is about 26 years old. It was the very 1st star my parents bought when they had their 1st Christmas when they got married. I have never had a Christmas with out it on my parents tree until last year when my daddy gave it to me to have on my Christmas tree (of course after deep thought of which child should get it). But with my brother being married and already having a star/angel for his tree and my sister still living at home, so my daddy decided that it would be best to pass it on to me. Every year its the 1st thing to go on the tree after the lights. I have very few Christmas ornaments a good 80% of whats on our tree is Matt's. So in my heart it is very important to me that the Star was passed to me and that it gets to sit on the very top of the tree. I can't wait till I am married for 25 years and can pass the star on to my children. 

On another note the very next thing that is important is out tree skirt. it was made by Matt's dad a long time ago. and with him no longer able to participate in Christmas, it makes me feel very happy to have some part of him in our home that once did and that will always be a happy memory. I only got to spend one Christmas with him, when he did participate in the holiday. I hope one day I will once again get to spend it with him and get to see all the things I have been told about. Like all the little trees and all the lights in the yard. I know its crazy but that's my Christmas wish this year is to be able to see that some time soon! 

Sunday, December 9, 2007


You know what makes me mad? When people don't realize when you do something really nice for them and say nothing, Or when they do say something its to late and you could really careless. I also hate when I am in a good mood and and some one puts my in a really bad mood!!!!!