Monday, June 23, 2008

Just as unhappy at 4:45 pm

So today is just getting better.. If you have read my blog you have already heard how my day is going. Well once I got to work I got a phone call and I was told that I did not receive the transfer I had applied for and that seemed like it was in the bag. I found out that they decided to re-hire someone else.. that was just the thing I needed to hear after only being at work for 45 minutes. Then I find out that my 2nd job has decided that they don't have the hours to give me but wants to keep me and they want me to stay on for the next 2 months count them 2 months and not get any hours so that in September they can start to give me hours again because that's when they get busy again! I am just so stressed out right this moment that if another thing goes wrong I might just scream!!

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