Saturday, August 11, 2007


You know I think some people in this world have no respect for the word NO! Today at work I had this phone call and the girl on the other end wanted to cancel her appointment and see if she could come in at 1pm on Sunday. I Told her that I was sorry but the 1pm spot already was taken by another bride and she would have to wait untill 2pm for the next open appointment. She then was like well that wont work we are very busy and don't have time for later on so can we come in am work alone and I said I am sorry but no you have to have some one to put everything in to the computer for you. (this is where it gets good) She then said so we can't come in and work alone and I once again said no so she then said Well we will be in at 1pm and will work on it alone until the other appointment is done and hung up. (I know how Stupid and RUDE) So now its 7:30 pm and I have appointment with another couple and they just arrived and here comes the women who call me at 11 am who was way to busy and was here for there appointment I told here she would have to wait and come back so at 8pm she came back I finished with my appointment at 8:15 and then helped here we close at 9 by the way and her and the groom and mom and daughter and sister (oh Wait no Bride) were in my store until 9:15 and waisted my time! And still after we have spent at least $$150 bringing in things for them  and all the time they still could not make up their minds. I was so pissed!! OH wait I forgot I know why they didn't understand NO or how to hold an appointment they don't speak any English only Spanish what does that tell you!!!

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